Client Photos

On this page we show some of our work in client's homes.

This first image shows our Migration wall sculpture in a client's new recreation room in their Florida home. This piece was custom-sized to fit the space where it is displayed.

Migration in client's home

This next image shows a custom piece made to complement our Cyclops wall piece. The client was thrilled with the Cyclops when he received it and wanted us to design a matching piece for his wall in his Pennsylvania home. Here is the result.

Custom Cyclops in client's home

This next image shows a pair of custom pieces made in the style of our PM Reprise wall piece. The Iowa client really liked the design of the PM Reprise but wanted a complementing pair made in these colors. She placed the pieces on opposing walls of her newly redecorated kitchen.

Custom PM Series in client's home

This next image shows how a wall sculpture like Trellis works on the outside of a home. This Kentucky client had a small courtyard garden in the front of her home and wanted some color on the wall as well. We powdercoated Trellis to make sure it would handle outdoor weather and then installed it on the brick wall at a bias to give it a unique look. The results were fantastic!

Trellis on outside of client's home

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