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Ceremony: Electric Talisman

Ceremony: Electric Talisman is the first piece in a Ceremony series of metal wall art by Tim Hurst.

From the artist:

"I had the idea for Electric Talisman in my head for about a year before I created it. The piece conjures up the feel of an artifact from some unknown civilization. It's a mysterious and formal looking piece so I imagined it might have been used in some type of ceremony. As I was finishing the sculpture, I began to wonder what other artifacts I might imagine came from this civilization and I decided to do an entire Ceremony series. I am very excited about this piece and look forward to adding to this series very soon."

Ceremony: Electric Talisman is made of 4 hammered and polished solid-copper disks. Silver solder was then fused to the surface of the copper to form the distinctive raised veining. The solder veins were then given their electric blue color. The disks overlap and each is on a slightly different level creating a 3 dimensional piece. The 4 disks are perfectly balanced by the striking blue aluminum bar. The reddish tint of the copper really makes the blue jump out. Electric Talisman weighs approximately 5 pounds. This is a wonderful piece and is sure to start a conversation. The photos really do not do it justice. It would look perfect hanging in any contemporary home or office. This piece is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Hurst.

Size (inches): 20W X 38H X 2D

Price: $1100.00

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Ceremony: Electric Talisman
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Ceremony: Electric Talisman
(Click picture to view larger image


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