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Vertigo is a unique member of the PM Series. When viewed straight on, the piece looks like three multi-colored concentric rings. When viewed at an angle, however, its true beauty and ingenuity become evident. Each of the rings are created by six colored arcs lying on three different planes. The ends of each piece overlap its neighbor's giving the illusion of one solid ring when viewed from the front. Vertigo uses the strong, vibrant greens, reds, blues, oranges, and yellows of the PM Series and each arc piece is "framed" by hand-bent black rod. The same rod is welded together to make the supporting structure of the piece. Vertigo is a strong piece and looks great on a wall by itself. It would complement, or be the focal point of, any modern or contemporary design. Each piece is signed by Paul Hurst, the creator of Vertigo.

Size (inches): 23 Diameter X 3D

Price: $1100.00

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