Metal Wall Art

     Here at Factory 15, we create a wide variety of wall art from various combinations of metal. Copper, brass, aluminum, and steel are cut and shaped then finished in a variety of ways including painting or fire finishing. Our artwork is primarily abstract with influences including, but certainly not limited to, Piet Mondrian, Raul Lozza, Jackson Pollock, Joan Miro, and many of the Eames era mid-century modern designers and artists. We are especially interested in Geometric Abstraction and much of our work reflects this.

Metal Wall Art and Sculpture For Sale

Wood Series Art

PM Series Art

Abstract Art

     Our techniques are similar to artists the world over. Each piece is designed and built by the artist, Paul or Tim Hurst. Our pieces are all handmade by the artist one at a time. Even our series pieces are individually made by hand so no two pieces are the same and each is a unique work of art.
     Our art currently hangs in galleries and private homes all over the United States. If you like our philosophy and designs but just don't see that one special piece that you would like for your home or office please contact us at 1.800.396.6845 or email us at We will be pleased to work with you on a personal basis to create an artwork that fits your needs.

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